Morkuzhambu – Kerala style

It is a South Indian dish. Delicious and healthy curry.

Ingredients : pumpkin half of medium sized – cut into small  pieces, raw papaya – cut into small pieces, green chillies 3-4, turmeric, salt,

coconut desiccated one cup, fried red chilli 6-7, thick butter milk, oil, mustard one table spoon, curry leaves,

Grind coconut and red chilli to paste and keep aside.

Cook pumpkin and papaya with water, add green chillies,  turmeric and salt while boiling. Once vegetables are cooked add coconut and red chilli paste wait for boiling then add butter milk and switch off the stove. Finally to sauté, in a small frying pan add oil and mustard once splutter add curry leaves and add this to the curry. Morkuzhambu is ready to serve with rice. Enjoy the curry.